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Monday, May 9, 2011

Hobo or Skribby? What do you think?

My mom has Alzheimer's disease.  She is at the point in her disease where talking to dolls makes more sense to her than talking to people.  As I watched her on our last visit, I saw how a lifelike baby doll could be so inviting to someone in her state.  The doll never took its eyes off hers. He never interrupted or tried to make sense of her ramblings. He never asked her questions she couldn't answer. When she told him it was time for a nap and tucked him into her bed, he didn't put up a fuss. That little doll was the just about the only thing left in her life that she had some control over.  That little doll never told her when it was time to eat, time to go to the bathroom, time to go sit in the chair, time to swallow her meds, time to dress, time to undress, time to take a bath. He never talked to her in a slow, loud voice thinking that it would help her understand better. That little doll did nothing but give her his total undivided attention, willing to do whatever she needed him to do.  At one point during our visit, my sister asked my mom what was the doll's name.  Mom said Skribby.  What a wonderful name, Skribby. As you know from my previous posts, we've acquired a new cat. We called him Hobo because he was on the run, without a home, searching for a handout and a dry place to sleep.  Well he is no longer a hobo, he has a home now and I want to change his name to Skribby.  Husfriend wants to keep the name Hobo.  What do you think? Please take a look at his pictures on my previous posts, is he a Hobo or a Skribby?

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